Why Choose Weber

We all want enjoy our day to the fullest. Living with pain anywhere in our bodies impedes our performance at work, causes us to avoid our favourite recreational activities, and leads to difficulty sleeping. It is no wonder so few people find long-term success when they embark on a new fitness program or more active lifestyle. Pain really is the most common health issue that we all face in our busy lives. Most of us have some sort of nagging injury or chronic pain that we would love to get rid of but just don't have the time. Some people chalk it up to old age and figure they will just have to live with it. Others have tried but come away frustrated that their goals were not met and end up believing there is no solution to their problem.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. Identifying exactly what the source of the pain is on the body is the key to a successful outcome. The main priority initially for most people who come to see us is the resolution of some sort of pain they have been suffering with for varying periods of time, from days to years. Our goal is to accomplish this as quickly as possible so the person can get back to enjoying life. We will not waste your time at Weber Physiotherapy. Ask anyone who has seen us, you will feel change from the very first visit.

We assess and analyze movement to discover why pain has occurred! Resolving a patient's pain, requires a breakdown of movement and looking how the whole limb works and/or the whole body. To focus on point of pain is not seeing the whole picture. Finding the break down in the movement chain and restoring biomechanics creates a permanent change. Physiotherapists at Weber Physio focus on a" hands-on", orthopaedic manual therapy, to help restore normal function in the movement chain. Yes, working on deep tissues can be uncomfortable but when you feel that tissue break free and the pain go with it, it is worth every second. Some happy patients have told us our motto should be "no pain, no gain" while I think we prefer "pain with a purpose"!