Introductory Kettlebell Seminar

Ever wonder what to expcet when you come to our beginners class. Here is a brief layout of the class curriculum.

5 Rites

3 most important exercises (Goblet squat, one-arm swing, getups)



Single and double cleans

Clean and presses, single and double

Clean and windmill

Clean and overhead squats

Clean and thrusters

Chapter 1 of EKC3 (Manmaker-thrusters, OH squats, clean and press, windmills, swings or snatches)

Day 1 of EKC3 (double clean and squats, clean and thrusters, clean, 3 presses, 2 squats)

2. Lunges

Lunge thrusters

Overhead Lunges

Double lunges aka lunge throughs

Tactical lunges

Lunge series from EKC2

3. Slingshots

Hot potatoe

Goblet squat

Goblet thruster

Goblet press

Chapter 5 from EKC1

4. Core work

Bonus core chapter from EKC3 (getups, windmills, OH squats)

Renegade Rows

Ab burner from EKC1

5. Bedtime stretches

Kneeling hip flexor with tricep, hamstring, elbow to ankle, pigeon, half lord of the fishes pose