Injury Prevention & Performance

Often time’s injuries are something that can be prevented. Proper knowledge and prevention skills can assist athletes and their coaches in maintaining and managing injuries during seasons.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS™)

FMS™ is a tool used in our clinic to help identify muscle weaknesses and provide exercises to help decrease the risk of injuries and increase overall optimal performance for sport.

What is FMS™?

  • A system used to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients and athletes which are key to normal functional movement.
  • A series of movement tests are performed to help identify any movement deficiency, demonstrate limitations or asymmetries.
  • The test is comprised of 8 fundamental movement patterns which require a balance of mobility and stability.

How Can it Help You?

  • Improves functional fitness & athletic performance
  • Establishes a starting point and sets realistic goals
  • Create an individualized fitness plan
  • Identifies dangerous weaknesses BEFORE injury occurs
  • Identifies and resolves movement problems
  • Build lasting fitness instead of temporary ability
  • Measures and establishes a record of progress

What Happens After the Test is Preformed?

  • Exercise/ healthcare professionals will monitor the FMS score to track progress.
  • Individualized exercises that will be the most effective to restore movement, increase flexibility/range or motion and build strength will be assigned to correct any weak links.

*Once corrected athletes will have a greater movement efficiency leading to improved performance and a decrease in injury potential*

What Can We Offer You!!!

  • $40 (Test only): ½ hour session
  • $40 (Exercises/ 1-on-1): ½ hour session
  • $60 Reassessment and increase intensity of exercises (1 hour session)

We can cater to your needs, please contact us for specialized programming. 

Not only do we provide services in the clinic we also provide services offsite. Please contact the clinic for more information.