Game/ Injury Prevention Taping

If you are an injured athlete and need to be assessed and taped for an injury, we can help you! Weber’s therapists will make sure that you are safely taped before going into a competition/practice. If you have any home games within Red Deer or need a tape job for an away game, our therapists are here to help support your injury.

Athletic Tape

A rigid white cloth tape that is used for acute and preventative injuries as well as to immobilize and protect joints. This tape provides support to joints by restricting excessive motions allowing early return to play while controlling unwanted movement. It is applied for a short period of time, usually prior to an activity and taken off post activity. If you are allergic to adhesive tape or latex there is Powerflex and PowerTape that can be used to support your injury.

ARES Kinesio Tape

A high quality elastic cotton adhesive tape that is Latex free and hypoallergenic. This tape is applied to support and rehabilitate the affected area without limiting full range of motion and affecting biomechanics of the body. There is no compression on the skin which makes it comfortable and light to wear over 3-5 days. This tape is water resistant and air-permeable allowing patient to bathe with it on without affecting its purpose. This tape has many uses such as pain relief, decreases swelling/inflammation, structural support, increases strength and helps with posture.


Small Tape Job ~$10
Large Tape Job ~$20

We are available by appointment during regular office hours.

Product is for retail at Weber Sports Physiotherapy Clinic. Please contact for more info about pricings.